"CUELET wont LET you down!"
Cuelet Car Hire

Cuelet Car Hire Terms and Conditions

  1. Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express are accepted.
  2. A current and unendorsed driver's licence, valid in South Africa must be produced.
  3. All Foreign Drivers Licenses must be translated to English else it must be accompanied by an International Drivers License
  4. Minimum age required for rentals is 23 years.
  5. Extension of rentals must be arranged, to eliminate driving without insurance and to avoid the car being reported stolen.
  6. All rates include maintenance and oil.
  7. All vehicles may be taken anywhere within Gauteng only
  8. There are no one way rentals.
  9. Insurance is compulsory on all vehicles.
  10. Renters are liable for an excess in the event of theft, accident, or any other damage whatsoever.
  11. A deposit is required to cover the excess plus estimated rental fee.
  12. All fines received during the rental period are the renters responsibility.
  13. All speedometers are sealed.
  14. Renter is responsible for maintaining the vehicle during the rental period by checking oil, water and tyres.
  15. All vehicles must be parked in a lock-up facility overnight.
  16. When leaving the car, the renter must ensure that the gear lock is in its locked position.
  17. Our offices are closed on Saturdays and all Jewish holidays